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December 21, 2023
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RENX experienced a very unusual technical issue one day during the past week.

We received numerous emails from subscribers asking why they had been unsubscribed from the RENX Email Newsletter, even though they chose to receive it and did not initiate the unsubscribe.
The subscribers received an email from RENX stating: “We have removed your email address from our list.”

These unsubscribes were NOT carried out by RENX. We value your readership and would never deliberately cut off subscribers from our news service.

The unsubscribes were also not due to actions taken by MailChimp – RENX’s email list management service. 

Our understanding, so far, is that the unsubscribes were executed by an automated process by which a ‘bot’ visits links in email newsletters and unsubscribes recipients without the user’s knowledge.

RENX is not alone in experiencing this issue, which has been reported by other reputable MailChimp customers during the past year.

When this occurred, we immediately contacted MailChimp support, which confirmed it was investigating and that MailChimp was not directly responsible for this activity. As of Dec. 18, MailChimp was unable to provide a comprehensive explanation or solution.

The good news is there are ways of alleviating a future unsubscribe. These are listed at the bottom of this note.

RENX Email Newsletter List’s excellent reputation

RENX email newsletter lists have achieved the highest ranking for good practices from MailChimp and are ‘white-listed’ by the organizations which track websites for inclusion in spam filters.

RENX has implemented recommended authentication procedures, including a DMARC policy.

We apologize if you have been affected and inconvenienced. While we can’t be certain this won’t happen again, we are doing our utmost to rectify this situation.  

How to resubscribe, and stay subscribed

1.  Ask your internet server administrator to add RENX to a “safe sender” list and to whitelist MailChimp’s delivery IPs. This is an important step because otherwise, you could potentially be affected by a future unsubscribe incident.

2. To resubscribe, click this link to visit the RENX Subscriber page. Under Canadian anti-spam legislation subscribers are required to validate their own emails.

3. Add RENX to your address book by clicking the ‘Add us to your address book’ link found in the footer of a RENX email newsletter.

4. Do not circulate a RENX newsletter because anyone who receives it and clicks ‘unsubscribe’, will remove your email address from the RENX list. Instead, suggest your contacts subscribe to RENX directly.

RENX’s daily newsletters can also be found on our website: RENX Newsletters

Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.

Ann White
Founder, CEO
Squall Inc.

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